Dr Cindy Sit, Assistant Professor
Dr Cindy Sit

薛慧萍, 助理教授
Dr Cindy Sit

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Recent Peer-Reviewed Publications
(1) Sit, C. H. P., Lam. J. W. K., & McKenzie, T. L. (2010, in press). Direct observation of children’s preferences and activity levels during interactive and on-line electronic games. Journal of Physical Activity and Health.
(2) Lam. J. W. K., Sit, C. H. P., & Cerin, E. (2010). Physical activity and sedentary behaviours in Hong Kong primary school children: Prevalence and gender differences. Preventive Medicine, 51, 96-97.
(3) Sit, C. H. P., Lindner, K. J., Apter, M. J., Michel, G., & Mallows, R. (2010). The development of the motivational style profiles for children. Current Psychology, 29, 71-87.
(4) Sit, C. H. P., Lau, C. H. L., & Vertinsky, P. (2009). Physical activity and self-perceptions among Hong Kong Chinese with an acquired physical disability. Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly, 26, 321-335.
(5) Maxwell, J. P., Sukhodolsky, D., & Sit, C. H. P. (2009). Preliminary validation of a Cantonese version of the State-Trait Anger Expression Inventory-2. Asian Journal of Social Psychology, 12, 1-11.
(6) McManus, A. M., Masters, R. M., Laukkanen, R., Yu, C. C. W., Sit, C. H. P., & Ling, F. C. M. (2008). Using heart-rate feedback to increase physical activity in children. Preventive Medicine, 47, 402-408.
(7) Sit, C. H. P., McKenzie, T., Lian, J., & McManus, A. (2008). Activity levels during physical education and recess in two special schools for children with mild intellectual disabilities. Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly, 25, 249-261.
(8) Sit, C. H. P., Kerr, J. H., & Wong, I. T. F. (2008). Motives for and barriers to physical activity participation in middle-aged Chinese women. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 9, 266-283.
(9) Sit, C. H. P., McManus, A., McKenzie, T., & Lian, J. (2007). Physical activity levels of children in special schools. Preventive Medicine, 45, 424-431.
(10) Sit, C. H. P., & Lindner, K. J. (2007). Achievement goal profiles, perceived ability and participation motivation for sport and physical activity. International Journal of Sport Psychology, 38, 283-303.
(11) Sit, C. H. P., & Lindner, K. J. (2006). Situational state balances and participation motivation in youth sport: A reversal theory perspective. British Journal of Educational Psychology, 76, 369-384.
(12) Sit, C. H. P., & Lindner, K. J. (2005). Motivational orientations in youth sport participation: Using achievement goal theory and reversal theory. Personality and Individual Differences, 38, 605-618.

Recent Book Chapters
Sit, C. H. P., Chow, K. C. K., & Lindner, K. J. (2006). Involvement of Hong Kong youth in physical activity and sport: Extent, motives and participation factors. In D. P. Johns & K. J. Lindner (Eds.), Physical activity and health of Hong Kong youth (pp. 105-120). Hong Kong: The Chinese University Press.
Chow, B. C., & Sit, C. H. P. (Eds.) (2003). Disability sport, adapted physical education and physical activity: Research to practice. Hong Kong: Hong Kong Baptist University and the University of Hong Kong.
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